Tawny’s reign as leader of the Gowrie gang has ended.

Surviving his first skirmish with Darth Vader, escaping with relatively minor wounds, I was admittedly quiet impressed with this light brown newcomers ability to hold his own against such an intimidating rival like Darth Vader, who seemed to come off second best from their violent interlude. I observed Tawny over the next week, spending most of his time chasing Darth Vader away from the troop and herding inquisitive females back to the troop, after certain ladies like Shirleyhurly and half tail, in particular, were taking too much interest in this new dark figure lurking on the troop’s outskirts.
The tension built over this period Tawny in a high state of stress as Darth Vader systematically worked his way right into the midst of the troop and Tawny’s valuable harem. Tank Man even got involved in one chase trying to out flank Darth Vader at one stage but realizing he was hopelessly out matched by this large, intense male and beat a hasty retreat. I am sure he did this intentionally trying to gain political ground with Tawny, who had to have noticed Tanks Mans activities.
Nice try Out Of Here
It was the next day late in the afternoon when I found the troop having returned from their off my limits excursion, only to find non other than Darth Vader firmly placed in the troops throne, Tawny was no where to be seen, but good old Tank Man was still there being as insignificant as possible. I was surprised with Darth Vader’s acceptance of me allowing me approach within 10 meters of him. It was apparent why I got away with this as his intentions were firmly fixed on Shirleyhurly up in a tree, but there was no way she was letting him near her, which was irritating him. Tawny made a brief appearance on the fringe of the troop which sent Darth Vader into a barking frenzy immediately taking off after Tawny. Tank Man the genius took up the advantage and climbed up the tree to mate with Shirlyhurly, while the boys expended their energy elsewhere. In the presence of power Tank Man is the most subservient soul to the master, but little will the master know that, what he thinks are his kids will probably be Tank Mans.
On Darth Vader’s approach I noticed the hair on his head looked like his toupee had fallen off, only when he sat with his back to me and looked up at Shirleyhurly did I notice the vicious gash across the back of his skull. If he looked like that and he was in control, it made me cringe to think what Tawny must look like being the looser.
Scalped Image Title
I did not get to witness the second fight between these two but did find Tawny hanging around my house the next day from what I could see of him he had a really bad gash on his front left wrist and was limping pretty badly. I saw him again this morning still hovering in the background of the troop, but got seen off again by the new troop leader.
I was out on drive this morning and after looking for the troop and not finding them yesterday afternoon, thought they had done it again and left me. We were having coffee about a km and a bit from camp when I heard the familiar sound of my extended family having a tumultuous riot, near to camp. After coffee we headed off that way, once close to the camp I was stumped to see another large male baboon I did not recognize. Barry
Barry Barry watch
With Barry now on the scene who knows what will happen but he looks to be wise and watching the activities and politics within the troop with great interest. This is surely going to ruin Tawny’s day. It will now be a true test for Darth Vader to see just how tough a male he is. He has just fought his heart out to gain control of the troop, getting pretty beaten up in the process and looks like he has yet another gash on his skull, with a few close shaves down his flank owing to the clearly visible “V” mark just behind his left flank.
Darth Vader
It has been a pretty hectic two weeks for the Gowrie Gang, leaving the girls with lots to assess with the new found potential looming on the horizon. I can hear male baboons calling from my house as I type this, and am dying to find out who is what and where…..
Time will tell how long Darth Vader remains the new troop leader.It will be tough getting involved in yet another skermish due to the beating he has taken thus far.
Darth Vader