No Dogs yet but today it certainly "Reined" cats!

The drive started off with Taxon finding a lioness at Mondzo pan on the remains of an Impala. I was busy following tracks of a few more Lions and was eventually rewarded at Big Dam with 2 females and 1 young male all lying up on the dam wall.

Handry was on Sandy Patch with Nkurula and her 2 boys slowly moving to the south. She might have been taking them to a new kill she had made during the night as her young Kudu kill a few days back was stolen and they were all pretty famished.

Then over the radio Greg Crus from Crus camp called in a female Leopard and a cub south of Buffelshoek airstrip! He only had a hand held radio and could not copy any of us that wanted to respond to the sighting. So we all set off to see which Leopard and how old this cub was! It was very exciting, frustrating and confusing all at the same time, but we were determined to solve the mystery.

When we arrived we were gratefull to see that Inkanyeni the female Leopard from the north was indeed with a little bundle of fur,claws and teeth no more than 8 weeks old! The cub was very relaxed with the presence of the vehicles which is no surprise to me as it has inherited its mothers confident streak and its fathers good looks! If you remember that a few months back Inkanyeni was seen mating on numerous occasions with our gracefull male Leopard Mvula!

So the day has finally arrived that we add a new Leopard to the Djuma collection. We did not manage to sex the cub yet as the vegatation was a bit thick, but we will keep you updated on the little gem!

Leopard Cub