We had spent the previous afternoon with them lying down at a pan deep in the heart of their motherís territory, and earlier encounter with their half sister, a warm afternoon and a semi full belly, led them to a, retire for the rest of the day.

We headed off to the same area first thing the next morning to check up the boys, after having a look and listen for a period, as I was put back to task by my guests nine year old daughter, who upon our meeting had demanded to see, giraffe and zebra and I do mean demanded. So being under such severe orders, I naturally felt obligated to for fill these demands or suffer the wrath of failure to do so. As we drove out of the drainage line to round the first bend in the road, I was rescued by Karula, walking down to the area she had left the two boys.
Putting giraffe and zebra on hold for the moment, and barring all but, one agreed we should follow, after explaining, she would call out her boys and would soon be able to tell from their behaviour if they were off to get breakfast.
Right on queue she began giving her soft, croak like contact calls after a few attempts and no sound of contact she let rip with a loud harsh rasping call, within seconds we heard grass being flattened at pace as the brothers seemed to be racing to be the first to get to her, ending in nothing short of an emotional collision.
Pile Up Pile Up1
With refrained annoyance she put up with the enthusiastic ritual of being smothered between her now powerful sons, and lavished her favorite with a good dose of affection. You could tell in an instant the boys knew there was food to be had, due to the incessant sniffing and rubbing at their motherís mouth.
mommy's boy
The scene had been set, the mood being established, zebra and giraffe, forgotten for the moment; it was now time to party. With invisible instruction she began to lead her boys in an easterly direction, beginning their long walk to breakfast.
It wasnít long into the walk when the boys couldnít seem to contain their euphoria, firstly at seeing their mom and now knowing they had another free meal to look forward to. They soon began practicing the skills, their kind requires, enabling them to succeed as a killer, on each other and more annoyingly, for her, on their mother as well.
With her tolerance being tested she found herself the target of repeated stalking and mock attacks from her boys.
Stalk bound Bound1 Bound2
The boisterous inconvenience of being attacked by her boys, from all sides only being periodically interrupted, while the boys took time, to examine the crowns of surrounding large trees, checking for signs of their meal to come.
Canopy check
The route their mother chose took a wide arc to the east of where she would have heard the styx pride of lions devouring a warthog the previous evening, lengthening the period; she would have to endure their enthusiasm. Finally she led them off into thick bush where she had stashed an adult male duiker, out of the reach of her rivals, high up in a marula tree. One happy boy made it up the tree first and began consuming the more than ample portion his mother had left them, leaving his brother to patiently await his turn from the base of the tree. Thankfully later that day I managed to finally get hold of a giraffe and a zebra, avoiding a vicious scolding my new nine year old friend.
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