Change is upon us as the mornings start getting cold and the bush transformes from green to golden brown.

Early mornings on safari come with a fresh nip in the air which forces us to start wearing our fleece tops and warm head gear.
To many people winter is a dreaded time but i feel differently. Winter in the bush is a magical time as colours fade from fresh greens to golden browns and wildlife abound. Wilddogs or Painted Dogs as they are sometimes called start looking for den sights towards May. Seeing these endangered canids is always a big highlight to the safari goer and Guides alike. They are exciting animals to view especially when hunting as they have an extremely high kill sucess rate of around 80 to 90 percent. Watch this space as we will start writing about them soon!

Lions and Leopards will move around alot more now as water holes slowly start drying, forcing prey to do the same. Sightings are on the up with 26 days of having lions during the month, which consisted of The 2 Mapogo males, The 2 Gejima males, 4 of The Nkuhuma females, 1 young Nkuhuma male and our trusty Styx Pride of 8 lions.

Leopard sightings have also been very good with many kills been seen. We had 29 days out of the month seeing these mystical cats which included the likes of Mafufunyane, Thandie, Shadow, Nkurula and the 2 boys, Whitecloth and her boy, Mvula, Jordan, and Inkanyeni on numerous occasions each. It seems as though Inkanyeni is heavely pregnant and has been searching for a den sight near 1st Rock. Lets hope we are blessed with some new additions to our Leopard population.

The large elephant herds have also been around which according to past records happens this time of the year. Herds in access of close to 100 animals if not more have been spotted moving in from the Kruger which proves once again how amazing this area is!

General plains game are also on the rise with herds of zebra and giraffe once again gracing us with their presence.

Guest wise we had 2 wedding anniversaries, honeymooners and return guests.

Wedding Anniversaries were had by Johan & Elsie Cross who celebrated their 25th year being married. And Mr & Mrs Koch who celebrated their 2nd year of being married. From the Bush Lodge Family we would like to wish you many happy more years together.
To Honeymooners Rachna & William Fisher we wish you a positive start to your married life together.
A big thankyou to Sylvia, Ben & Jean Welsh for visiting us again!
May the magic of Djuma be carried with you all wherever you go!

The only birthdays had were by staff members Ivy, one of our chefs, on the 4th and Monica who works in the laundery on the 12th. Happy Happy to you both and we hope you have many more with us at Djuma.

And just to let you all know that Kim and Myself got married on March 27. It was a lovely day and we would like to thank all those who wished us well!

Have a fantastic April and dont forget to watch this space.
The Bush Lodge Family.