One crazy little hippo ready to conquer the world, besides the fact that this nutty little soul, has close to 1600kg of malevolent reputation as back up.

Arriving about fifteen minutes early, before tea time, to just soak up the visual energy of my office, I gazed over at the two old buffalo bulls on the eastern shoreline of the dam, lying down in the shallows, ruminating their days feed,. I noticed that the little hippo, which is pretty much a regular and appealing spectacle, swimming away from his mom in the direction of the buffalo and wrote it off as curiosity on the little blob’s side.
I found it amusing that this little hippo covered three quarters of the distance between his mom and the buffalo, after which the little guy lost his nerve and turned swimming back, leaving a wake like a mini titanic.

After a few attempts my guests arrived and my attention shifted from hippo to human, after some minutes of chatting I had a cursory glance at the little hippo’s antics and noticed he had decreased the distance to about three meters, after some stealthy swimming, then cruising back to mom.
After we all finished up our drinks, we headed off to the dam and informed every body of the things I had seen this little hippo was up to.
Buy the time we got round there, the little guy had gotten his mom to move over the where the buffalo were relaxing, with his back stop now with in a comfortable margin, this cute mini frankfurters, mind could quench his inquisitiveness, his confidence restored, he began a close inspection of these clearly fascinating buffalo. Only to dive back to his mom to check how impressed she was with his brave endeavors.
The Approach The Retreat The Base
Getting braver and braver, the hippo calf moved in for one final stare down, he must have had an interesting view of this massive bovid starting straight back at him. In his boldest move so far the little hippo stood up and gave the buffalo his bravest threat yet showing off his massive gape of his enormous mouth, clearly big enough to rip off this buffalo’s ear. At his point his mom must have thought he was pushing it, giving off a loud snort, making the little hippo jump in alarm.
The Threat The Reprimand
That was the end of it his mother had spoken and clearly wanted to enjoy her down time, without worrying about her calf causing trouble with the neighbors. He obediently returned to the place from where he began his adventure. Tucked safely along the side of his moms head, from where she could watch this mischievous, little child of hers.