Another action packed month of wild encounters

On the 6th of March our afternoon was made special by a long awaited sighting of the darling Whitecloth who was found relaxing on Torchwood, she is showing all the signs of wear and tear and always nice to see her. Not far down the road a herd of buffalo was enjoying an afternoon drink. Two of the Mapogo thugs were located in front of bush lodge, with a couple of rhino, having been sighted near to Whiteclothes location. The afternoon drive was rounded off with Karula’s little boys who have pretty much been a regular event for this month.
The morning of the 7th began with a pleasant surprise of a cheetah feeding on an unfortunate impala. The two grumpy boys from Manyaleti were seen stalking a herd of buffalo near paradise beach, without any success for the boys. A herd of ele’s was found at tree house dam satiating their thirst at tree house dam, with a rhino bull being spotted close to Vuyatela. That afternoon began with a sighting of two of the huma pride ladies, passed out near Gowrie dam, still haven’t had any sightings of the rest of the pride, probably still cruising around Manyaleti. The morning was rounded off by two sightings of ele herds which are always a pleasure to have in the area and the buffalo herds were still in the area, roaming around buffelshoek.
The morning of the 8th was a cat less drive, but elephant, buffalo and rhino were seen, in the area breaking up the efforts to find some cats.
There was some down time for the guys till the 12th which kicked off the afternoon with Karula and her two boys found yet again close to Vuyatela. A crash of 5 rhino was found not long after that not far to the east of the camp. The gang of old buffalo boys was again found dozing in the waters of Gowrie dam. We were pleased to find one of karulas boys making an attempt to catch an impala later on, close to the camp, but will have to hone his skills on smaller animals first before he tackles one of these fleet footed creatures.
The two huma ladies had moved up north onto buffelshoek where they were found sleeping near one of the land owner’s camp, can’t wait for them to breed as we need more lion cubs in the area. There were the, now common sightings of rhino, buffalo and elephant, found later on in the morning.
The huma girls were still dozing in the same location as they were found in the morning.
It was great to again see white cloth and her cub that is a nervous creature, roaming around rhino cut line. The buffalo and elephant herds once again put in an appearance for us, which is always a pleasure.
On the morning of the 14th the guys found karula who is still killing for her fast growing boys, munching on another impala kill. The huma ladies were found up on buffelshoek hanging out with the two boys from manyaleti. Hopefully this relationship will result in cubs at some time in the future. The buffalo herd had moved off but the ele’s are still around doing their bit for the ecology.
That afternoon the huma girls and the manyaleti boys were seen disappearing north into manyaleti, buggers. Rhino and elephant were again found in the area, with only one old buffalo putting in an appearance.
The morning of the 15th gave our guests another sighting of karula and her kids, moving off to the west of the camp, am wondering when these boys will be dumped by their mom, surely it can’t be too long to go now. 4 rhino were found on the morning drive at different locations.
The afternoon gave us great viewing of the male leopard mvula, a magnificent cat and good to see he is still in the equation. The good old pachyderms were putting in their appearances, completing big five sightings for some of the guests.
The next morning was inundated with more pachyderms roaming the land but the cats seemed to have taken the morning off. There was a sighting of a leopard that was not identified, cruising the dam to the east of our property. The highlight of the 16th was a sighting of a caracal, which was seen stalking impala.
On the morning of the 17th, good old mafufunyan was seen all be it briefly as he decide to go off our traversing area and headed off to the west. Karula and her boys were seen up to the north of vuyatela, she sure is taking her time in dumping these boys.
Some of the styx ladies were seen taking it easy with two of those thug mapogo creatures, I’m sure their reign will not last for more than another year.
The manyaleti grumps and the huma ladies were found sleeping near a pan up on buffelshoek, and karula and her boys were seen again taking it easy up in the north once again. The buffalo were missing but was made up for by some good viewing of rhino and ele’s.
The early drive of the 18th gave us a pleasant surprise to find 3 of the styx ladies sleeping at Gowrie dam, an area they don’t normally frequent. With the herd of ele’s found still eating their way through the area.
No cats were found that afternoon but we were rescued by excellent viewing of the old buff bulls at Gowrie dam and the ele herd coming down to the same water hole for a mid afternoon drink and a bit of a play session for their kids.
The morning of the 19th gave us good viewing of the 2 manyaleti boys and their lady friends who had now moved to the east of our traversing area, close to the KNP boundary. Finally one of karula’s boys was found on a kill, even if it was only a tortoise, Go Boy.
In the afternoon the buffalo were back at the dam in front of the camp with two different sightings of elephant herds. The tortoise killer was seen in the same area, investigating the edges of the same waterhole he was seen at in the morning. He probably thinks tortoises come in herds and may have been looking for another one.
On the morning drive of the 20th 5 of the styx ladies were found off to the west of vuyatela having a sleep after a rough night. Karula had once again fetched her boys and the guys found them drinking at Gowrie dam, when is she going to let those boys grow up. We had another scarce sighting of a cheetah and her son, teaching him to hunt impala, far off in the east of our camp. Finishing off the morning with a sighting of two lazy old buffalo boys, sleeping on hyena road. In the afternoon karula and her boys were found once again, she had moved them off to the east and were found at buffelshoek dam.
That afternoon the styx ladies were found in the same location, but had been joined by one of the mapogo lads. Karula, her boys and we had great viewing of ele’s enjoying the cooling waters of buffelshoek dam, with two old buffalo in attendance. Where are those dam rhino’s?
Buffelshoek dam must be a great place to sleep as karula and the boys ere still there. 7 the Styx ladies were found to the south of the camp that morning with the thug still in attendance. The breeding herd of ele’s had made their way to the west and were found having a wallow at chela pan. A male leopard was found on chitwa cut line, not sure who he was, possible one of the many Jordaan males.
That afternoon karula and her boys who had had enough sleep at buffelshoek dam were found moving towards Gowrie dam, and the one of the many Jordaans male leopard was found sleeping in the same area as he was seen in the morning. Finally the rhino’s had put in another appearance being seen near the location of the elephant herd.
Karula and her boys were found on the morning of the 22nd and were enjoying a breakfast of steenbok. The Styx gang had made it as far as chitwa cut line and were fast asleep.
Later on in the day Karula was found away from her boys whom she had left to savor the taste of their steenbok. The breeding herd of ele’s had moved off to the north and were seen moving off towards manyaleti.
The 23rd gave us a great sighting of two of the 4 male cheetahs messing around on the KNP boundary. Good old Mvula had been joined by inkanyini on an impala kill on central road, was hoping she would have had kids by now. One of karulas boys was seen close to camp practicing his impala stalking techniques. The Styx gang had ventured way out of their normal range and was found at a pan just inside buffelshoek. The rhino had done us another favor and put in another appearance for us. Needless to say the lions hadn’t moved from where they were seen in the morning. The buffalo herd did us the honor of coming back out of manyaleti and were found at a dam near the gate. The herd of ele’s did the same and were seen drinking up at kayamanzi.
Karulas boys were seen expending some of their energy messing around on the clearing close to the camp.
The morning of the 24th brought the 2 cheetah boys further down to the south but the buggers were heading off in the direction of mala mala. Karula’s boys were still on the clearing and ended up crashing near the lodge. Mom was seen later that morning trying to get hold of an impala. It was good to see that the ele’s had moved further into our driving area, and were back at kayamanzi for their afternoon drink. Six rhino did us all a favor being seen at varying locations of our area. Two lionesses and one male were found up on buffelshoek, we are not sure where they originate from but are a welcomed sighting. Karulas boys were seen again in the afternoon cruising off to the east of the camp, by passing the old buff bulls sleeping in Gowrie dam
The morning of the 25th was a relatively quiet drive compared to the rest of that week and the new gang of lions was once again found up on buffelshoek just further south of their previous location. The herd of ele’s was still in the area. There were once again good sightings of rhino in the area on the afternoon drive, one crash was seen being harassed by the new pride of lion. Mvula was seen late in the afternoon, making his way off to the east.
He next morning began with karula and her boys being found at the dam in front of the lodge. With some more good sightings of rhino and buff.
Later that afternoon karula and her boys were still at the dam, and her daughter thandi was found way off to the east of them on euphorbia road, really nice to see this beauty again. A breeding herd of buffalo had made their way to the dam close to galago for a drink and the rhino and ele’s were still rummaging through the area.
The new lion pride was also found feeding on a wildebeest they had flattened during the night. The good old ele’s rhino’s and buffalo were still making our lives easier with their regular appearances.
We jump now to the 29th, with the morning drive bringing us yet better viewing of the pachyderms in the area. One of karulas boys was seen trying to get himself some guinea fowl for breakfast, at last a step up from tortoise. Later on in the afternoon, both boys were found making their way down to the water for a drink, where the local gang of buff bulls was snoozing off their day’s activity of grazing. A crash of 5 rhino was also found that afternoon mowing the clearing near one of the land owner’s camps. With the elephant herd still munching their way through the donga system to the east of tree house dam.
No one was in camp but the guests who arrived on the afternoon of the 31st had excellent views of karula and her boys making short work of an impala she had whacked during the night, on weaver’s nest road. Two of the huma lioness also took down an impala at Gowrie dam ending a magical month of yet more amazing animal encounters for our guests.