Three long months have passed since my last encounter with the man.

Yesterday afternoon, while trying to locate any sign of giraffe, we were pleasantly surprised to find my old friend Mafufunyane, conveniently sitting in the middle of the track, staring intently into the bush. I stopped and killed the engine, recognizing the fact the he must have some sort of animal in his sights.
He did not show any sort of awareness that we were there and kept his gaze fixed on the scrub ahead of him.
After scanning the area where his eyes were transfixed we eventually saw a warthog through the bush about 50 meters ahead of him, which seemed to be unaware of his presence.
I told my guests we now needed to keep as quiet as possible, so we would have little to no impact on his intentions towards the unsuspecting hog.
We silently sat watching him, watching the hog, for around 10 minutes, when the wind shifted direction, giving the hog a whiff of this incredible predatorís presence. Rousing the hogís incredible sense of smell and triggering alarm bells in the hogís head, which instantly became aware of the threat, turned tail and bolted for his life.
We were unfortunately very close to our southern boundary of our traversing and this is the direction the hog had taken off in, vanishing from our line of sight.
Mafufunyane, who was incredibly hungry, took off in the same direction, leaving us alone in our location. After waiting a couple of minutes, anticipating the death squeal of a hog, we heard nothing but the wind and began to search the area for any sign of this majestic and famished cat.
We eventually made our way through the bush popping out on the boundary road, where I was expecting to find his tracks heading off our property and out of our reach, but there was no sign of his passing this way and told my guests at least he must still be on our side of the border and headed back into the bush in an attempt to locate him. After three or four passes in ever increasing circles I found his tracks which unfortunately were heading in the wrong direction for us, informing my guests that the man must have followed the escape route the hog had taken. I told them it would be a good idea to spend a bit more time in the area as there was still a chance of us seeing him again, all be it a remote one.
I hopped out the vehicle to check the tracks, to make certain that the hog had indeed crossed over road and out of reach, which I discovered it hadnít. I had no sooner told my guests the hog had not gone off our area and that the leopard may still return to our side to scour the area for any sign of his quarry, when to our delight we saw Mr Mafufunyane crossing back into our side of the boundary. Due to the heat of the afternoon he headed to a small pan where he quenched his thirst after his failed attempt, giving us excellent quality viewing of him.
Thirsty man
Once he had satiated his thirst he walked straight towards us, salivating at the thought of fresh pig in his jaws and without delay, lay down in the shade of a small bush just in front of our vehicle, thankfully giving the other vehicles in the area a chance to come over and view him, after listening to our reports on the radio on his botched attempts, disappearance and reappearance.
It has been a long time since I have seen him looking so lean and assured my guests he would no doubt get himself a meal in no time at all.
We returned to the area this morning to check on any progress in his endeavors, but found no sign of the man, hopefully I wont have to wait another three months before our paths cross once again.