Over the last few days, it has been a real privilege for my guests and myself, to have had many rewarding times, viewing incredibly relaxed herds of eleís in the area.

Yesterday afternoon was a real delight having a family out from Ireland on their first trip to our amazing country. Upon meeting them I asked their daughter, Chloe what her favorite animal was. Dressed up in her mainly pink outfit, she proudly announced that her favorite animal was elephant. I told her that I would make it my mission for the afternoon to find her some of these magical creatures and took great delight in seeing her little face brighten up at this prospect, after informing her that baby eleís were one of my best animals as well.
After some refreshments at tea time we headed off into the bush to for fill my promise to her. I had seen a herd of elephant on the morning drive and headed off to an area I thought they may have moved to.
Thankfully within the hour I had managed to locate a small breeding herd of eleís, upon finding them they were in some pretty thick bush, due to it being a very hot afternoon I told my guests we would stay with them in order to get some better views of them and mentioned that there was a good chance of them heading to a waterhole not too far away.

After the usual munching and crunching up the local foliage, the herd began producing some low, guttural rumblings, explaining to them that these sounds they were making are a form of greeting in elephant language, and was sure there were more eleís in the area.
Shortly after wallowing in these wonderful sounds, our herd met up with another group of elephant, which took place on a junction of two tracks in the bush giving us great views of a very young ele, not more than 3 or 4 months old.
little face
After some minutes of mingling and greetings in pachyderm style both herds began heading off to the waterhole. We left the group and headed straight to the water to await their arrival, within in 10 minutes the eleís made me look good by arriving for an afternoon drink.
The little one sandwiched between his mom and an aunt, began dabbling in the water with his uncontrollable trunk, as he had not yet mastered the art of trunk control.
After a few awkward attempts getting the water to his mouth, the little guy gave up with this business of using his trunk to drink and plunged his little face into the water and began gulping the cooling liquid down.
To the squeals of delight from Chloe, he finished his drink along with the rest of his extended family who, gently ushered him back into the protective world of his familyís tree trunk like legs, and silently disappeared back into the bush, almost as quickly as they had arrived, leaving me with a very happy little Irish lass, whose eyes were full of wonder and amazement and me with a warm feeling of gratitude towards the herd for their wonderful co-operation.
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