How time is flying by. March is here and nearly time for Easter.

What a month? March has just been outstanding.

When I came back from leave I have noticed there is a new born around the camp. Is it a warthog or a dinosaur? No it is a baby hippo. The time when I was on leave he/she was born. What an amazing little creature. We have been very fortunate to see them out from the water very often. The one night when I did dinner there was a big commotion at the dam. All what we constantly can hear is that the mom hippo is not happy. Great concern for us. Maybe it is Lions, Hyenas or a Bull Hippo that is trying to get to the calf. Early in the morning I was up and rushed down to see what has happen to the calf. Minutes has passed but no calf only the mom. “Shame it is gone” I thought. Later the morning before breakfast both of them emerged from the water. What a relieve.

Later the day we could see that the Hippo cow was not very happy. She was lying close to the dam wall and now and then charged at something at the dam wall. We couldn’t see what it was. Later the “thing” made his appearance. It was either Kafue or Luangwa. He was trying to get to the calf. First he tried from the front but the mom was a wake for that kind of an approach. He then layed in the bush closes to them and thought of his next plan. A couple of times he tried to get closer but the mother wanted nothing to do with it. Charged out of the water and made the leopard run for his life. In the distance we could here Baboons calling. Later we just saw and herd a big commotion on the dam wall. The troop of baboons has split in to two teams. One team was coming from the onside of the dam wall and the other from the other side. They were ambushing the leopard. With no time to waste the leopard had to make a choice if he is going to be lunch or leave. In a hurry he ran over the dam wall and disappeared in the back. You could only see dust. When the dust settled the baboons were calling each other and it sounded like they were cheering each other on. They were victorious. I am sure the Hippo mom was very happy with the support from the baboons. By the time everything was finished they were in the middle of the dam floating.
Here is a link you can go to have a look at the baby hippo:

Kurula and her 2 boys have been seen frequently around the camp. I hope they don’t find George or Bob. Kurula the one morning decided that she was thirsty and drank out of room8’s pool. After that she was hungry for a Rusk or two but the door was locked. She did try but failed to open the door later Kafue and Luangwa joined the party. The guest staying in room 8 has got a brilliant story to tell. Will his friends believe him (Pierre Nel)?

How lucky are we getting with Rhino’s drinking at Gowrie Dam. The guests just left for game drive and then a cow and calf came down to the dam to drink water. Numerous times Rhinos have been spotted at the dam in front of Vuyatela. The one day they spent nearly the whole day lying in the water next to the Buffalo’s.

The guests whom were staying in room 1 this month has been entertained by nature. If it wasn’t the leopards walking in front of the room and drinking water it was breeding herds of Elephants coming down to drink. Buffalo’s everyday relaxing in the water, hippos in the water, Kudu’s, Nyala’s, Wildebeest, Implala’s, Warthogs all coming down to drink. What does it mean to our guests still coming, try to request room 1.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Niemann, Mr. and Mrs. Rippon and Mr. and Mrs. Bowen for getting married in March and they spent part of there honeymoon at Vuyatela.

Kim and Greg at Bush Lodge, they got married on the 27th of March. Congratulations to you both and all the best.

Milliah, Patience and William – March for them was the month they were born in, congratulations on your birthdays.

On the sad note. Patience whom was our Front of House has left us to be with her children and husband back home in Johannesburg. Rhandzu whom was our Therapist has decided that she also wants to let her wings grow and wanted to get more experiences.
Char, Graham, Lannah and Bella. I don’t know were to start. Most of the people know them. When all of us started working here the first person whom makes you feel the most welcome was Char. For the staff they were like “parents” to them. You guys will be greatly missed and remember you are always welcome back. Graham, you are the best. Man keep going and we and the bush will miss you. Girls, Woer Woer will miss you. They day you guys leave Djuma lots of tears will be shed but I know it is for the best and good luck with all your future plans.

From all of us until next month.