After a much needed break for myself and my wife away from the chaos at the lodge, I was eager to see what had transpired with the recent politics of the troop having a new male in their midst’s.

Upon our return I went out that afternoon to look for any sign of the troop having been in the area. After speaking to some of the staff I had learnt that they had only been at the lodge once during our absence as there was no evidence of them having been in the area.
I was relieved to have found them a day later on our southern boundary, a sure sign that they were heading back home, with Tankman in the lead, showing he was still tenuously hanging onto his role as troop leader, probably due to an unwritten agreement amongst the majority of the females of the troop.
I was ecstatic to see that my position as lowest ranking member of the troop was still in tact after my period of absence, as they accepted me right away, allowing me, comfortably to gain close proximity to the gang and would like to think this is due to my history with Tankman and others.
Heuy, Lewy and Lucy were up to their old antics, growing significantly in a week of not seeing them. The boys had even taken to harassing Halftail, much to her condescension.
Heuy,Lewy+Lucy Halftail Hassel
After some time I became a bit concerned that I hadn’t seen Gawdy amongst the gang, Twopac was in attendance and the two are almost always together, but after around an hour of being with them I was relieved to see that familiar cheeky face wandering over, right to where I was sitting to give me his quizzical once over. I am sure he is using his ability to get closer to me than any of the other troop members dare, as some or other social and political tool. Not that I mind in the slightest as he is fast becoming one of my favorites.
Gauwdy Boy
The tensions are still running high between Tawny and Tankman, as Tankman is still being a strong guardian towards Jigga, who is never far from Tankman. A double edged relationship between the two, as so long as they are together no harm will come to either of them from Tawny.
Tawny on the other hand does seem to have gained some political ground amongst one or two of the females, as he gets his way with one of the girls I haven’t been able to identify her 100%, as he is still fairly wary of me and keeps a bit more distance between me and his lady friend.
I had noticed that Jigga now has a bad limp on his front right leg, possibly due to some un-witnessed conflict between him and Tankman.
I have also noticed a small, canine sized puncture wound on Squirts left flank, potentially more evidence of the conflict and tensions which run between Tankman and this Tawny creature.
I will be back out looking for them later today trying to shed more evidence on these injuries, but as usual time reveals all short comings which lurk in the background, as it is with humans……… More on this when I get to the bottom of my suspicions…..