Eagles have always held a special place in me and are an awesome creature to observe; simply being in their presence lifts my spirit.

The uninformed eye could be forgiven in interpreting this image as the raptor having made this monstrous kill and placed it in a tree. Clearly this is not the case, but what interests me is, in the two decades I have spent in the bush this is only the second time I have witnessed African Hawk Eagle scavenging off a leopard kill.
In this instance a Grey or Common Duiker.
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The first time I observed this behavior was a number of years back, but on this occasion the prey item was a Porcupine, killed by a male leopard. This time though probably due to the size of the kill the leopard deemed it unnecessary to hoist the kill, choosing to leave it at the base of a tree.
I find it interesting to analyze this behavior as the African Hawk Eagle is one of the most rapacious aerial predators in Southern Africa, weighing up to 1.75kg for a female and has been recorded taking prey items weighing in at 4kg.
However their main prey is ground birds mainly francolin and guinea fowl. I have watched many birds dive into the nearest thicket on many occasions, upon hearing Grey Loeries giving their aerial predator alarm call. This behavior may be a life saver when it comes to other raptors but not for the African Hawk Eagle as they are known to pursue their quarry on foot, dragging them out from cover to be dispatched and devoured.
If you are as good at killing as these birds, it stands to reason why they have seldom been recorded scavenging.