Vuyatela, in the Shangaan language the word means "return many times", which is exactly what alot of my guests tend to do...

One of the pleasures in this business is meeting people from all walks of life and from all sorts of places. A good number of my guests arrive as clients but have left as friends and I am still in touch with guests I drove 15 years ago.
This last month was a great month to catch up with people who I consider friends, like Mike and Andrea. We had many special moments together, from wild dogs to ele's in the moonlight,
to drunken
singsongs balancing water jugs on our heads. Well some of us, Singing "one of us is the muffin man". Could never quite remember why the evening ended that way but it had something to do with a large friendly man from Durban.......Mike
Here are some of the shots from Andrea of their 2nd visit to Vuya's and counting the days till the next one.........

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