The weather affects us all, changing the area, the country and the world. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst…

Tragedy struck the resident colony of Red billed Buffalo Weaver, which had taken to building their nests, high rise style on the ladder of the aerial tower behind the camp.
I don’t remember it being an especially windy night, but upon walking down to the lodge the next morning we noticed that one of the nests had fallen from the tower and was lying in a heap on the ground with baby birds scattered around the place. There was a lot of and understandably so, panicky calling and flying around the fallen nest by the concerned mothers.
We decide the best course of action was to put the nest in a plastic crate and to place it on top of a small tree close to the tower. I then gathered up the squawking chicks and placed them back into nesting holes, gauging the size and age of the chicks with the age and size of some of the chicks which had somehow managed to survive the fall and remain in their nests.
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Once the nest had been placed off the ground I sat around and monitored the reactions of the parent birds and was relieved to see that the urge to react to their squawking off spring was too great to ignore and began flying down to the nest to bring the never ending demand of food items to the chicks.

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Satisfied we had done what we could for the birds, I left them to their own devices, confident the parents would continue taking care of the chicks, most of which were about a week or two away from fledging.
I made a note to check on their progress the next morning and upon approaching the nest the following morning was devastated to find that all of them had died. I am not sure how many of the chicks died in this event but I counted at least 8 chicks that I could see and find scurrying around in various locations at the base of the tower.
I suppose the words ring true for birds as for people when constructing a home and that is location, location, location…………..