Only 28 days....

Our shortest month of the year February.

February with only 28 days this year still made a very interesting month.

You wonít believe it but in Feb. we had days hotter than December. In the shade we measured up to 44 įC; I donít want to know what the temperature was in the open sun. All I know the beers and G & Tís went down well those days.

Rain this month was very scares. We only had 28mm of rain. Canít believe it when we look at the news that some places in South Africa was flooding. We are holding thumbs because we are still in need for more.

With the days being so hot general game stayed in the shade until later the afternoon when it cooled down. Impalaís, Blue Wildebeest, Nyalaís and Buffalo Bulls (dagga boys) were generally seen around the camp and at the dam. With the Marula trees fruit ripen we had our Baboon family or ďGrahamís familyĒ hanging around the camp a lot. Graham took me the one day out with him on a quad to show me what he does with the troop. What an experience. Sitting in the open and as close as 2-5meters from you the Baboons are just going on with there natural doings. Not fazed that we are there. The youngster a lot more inquisitive so they want to see why are we two and not one any more. But quickly Tank the man (troop leader) will make sure they donít cross the boundary. Later Impala and Wildebeest will join and just grace around you. With the young Impalaís that was born in December was busy playing around. You will see one will start running and leaping in the air like Springbok and then suddenly all will start. What a site. Graham tried and tried to get pictures of that, but every time he was late with his camera or the light was bad. Days later Graham got his million dollar picture and he posted it. At that time I didnít realise how fortunate I was to get as close to wild Baboons as we did. I went on leave at the end of the month and went to a Wild Life Estate. There I saw Baboons but as soon as you get closer they are gone with the wind. That made me realise what Graham has achieved with the troop and how lucky I was.

With all the Marula fruits around it was really difficult to see big herds of Elephants around. Now and then there were still Elephants coming to drink water at the dam. There was this one Bull Elephant that was hanging around the camp and giving the guides some bush clearing work to do.

All must already herd of George the Warthog. Out of the blue we have been having this massive Warthog boar in the camp. He walks around and eats the Marulaís and the grass around the camp. He ignores us. You can walk past him and take photos but keeps on eating. He makes if he has been staying here for a long time. I will post a photo of him and some interesting facts about Warthogs.

The day we went on leave I saw something that I only have only seen once at Vuyatela. 7 Male Rhinos feeding close to the camp. I have only seen once before Rhino in front of the lodge in 8 years.

Karula and her 2 sub adult cubs were still around the camp seen regularly. The one night we had a special private dinner for our guests in the lounge. All the other guests were having dinner on the deck. While the couple was having there dinner a spotted cat appeared in front of the lounge. We realised it was one of the cubs. He looked at them through the glass doors and left. The couple was so shocked they couldnít even take a picture. Now we know why we have to be escorted at night to the rooms. You never know who or what is around the corner.
The cubs are close to the stage that they are going to be on there own. I am sure they are just inquisitive.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sukhal for getting married in February. Hope your honeymoon with us was special and you have a wonderful life together.

To Mr. and Mrs. Ferreirinha: They celebrated there 25th anniversary by us. Congratulations to you both and hope to see you on your 50th.
Mr. and Mrs. Mansel: Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and hope there is lots more to come.

We had some return guest this month: Mr. and Mrs. Nielson came to Vuyatela this time. Before they visited Bush Lodge. They visited us quite a while back but this time brought some friends with. Thank you for coming back and bringing some friends. This time donít take so long before you visit us again.

The following staff had birthdays, Ephraim, Elizabeth, Warren and Jess. Happy Birthday to you all and hope there is lots more.

From all of us at Vuyatela have a lovely month.