After a very busy February here are a few guest comments.

Roylaw: "We saw the big five - exellent!"

Aitzegagh: "Thank you so much for your kindness and enthusiasm"

Perrin/ Armandon wrote: "It is our first time in Africa and it's a lovely experience."

Debbie & Chris Canfield: "We were amazed at all the animals we got to see and how close we were able to get when viewing them. Thank you for the magnificant opportunity to enjoy God's wonderful creation."

Delora Ward & Linda Bertino: "the tracker's/guide's enthusiasm, knowledge, humor and patience were paramount in our safari experience. The camp staff were gracious. Thanks so much!"

Robbie & Genelle Jones wrote: "If there was a college of ranger & tracker knowledge Abel & Terrance would be professors! They are amazing and have their eyes and ears tuned to the environment for Ųur pleasure"Kim and Anet and their staff went beyond all to make our stay absolutely awwsome!"