February News Letter

The month of February was a very intersting month, from hot weather, new dam and lions, lions, lions!

The month started off with the building of the new dam which when full will look amazing! It has alot of natural features such as trees that will dry out and support bird life aswell as islands for when the hippo and crocs need to bask.Wishfull thinking but i guarentee it will happen.After the building of the dam the lodge re-opened on the 7th and with that came some really hot weather.
Temperatures soared to around 40 degrees celcius with the hottest day being 44 degrees in the shade! The elephant herds have also started coming back into the area for a favourite fruit of theirs which is very abundant here. The Marula trees were in fruit and they attracted large herds aswell as some big bull elephants.
These fruit are round and when ripe they turn yellow and emit a sweet smelling scent that fills the bush air. Very high in vitamin c, they also make a rather refreshing beer!
On the topic of lions, we had loads of lion activity around camp lately which was a pleasant change from horbs of Leopards!The Gejima male lions were seen again mating with another lioness from the Nkuhuma pride which means that we should be seeing lots of lion cubs in the near future. One morning i was busy having my usual cup of coffe down at the main lodge when i heard distress calls of a buffalo. I got really excited as there were also the snarling of lions. As we got out into the bush we picked up their tracks which were heading in all different directions. We were a bit confused at first,but what we saw and heard next made sense to us. We eventually found 4 of the Styx pride lions sitting in the road all looking in one direction. This was strange as the pride consists of 7 lions altogether. Then we heard 2 males calling very close by and immediatly knew that it was the 2 Mapogo males from the south of the reserve. These were bad lions as they tend to kill all other lions that are in their path. In a nutshell the Styx pride must have killed the buffalo,then the 2 Mapogo males came in and stole it,which split the pride up into all directions. All in all we calculated that we had around 20 percent of the Sabi Sand Game Reserves lion population in our traversing area.

On a lighter note, the mornings are cooling down as we near closer to winter which for me personally is very welcoming after all the heat.

Birthdays were had by only one of our guests on the 24th.
Suzzie Martin we hope you had a lovely day with us and we wish you many many more to come.
Staff birthdays were had by Abel and Linette both on the 9th and Andrew on the 13th. Happy Happy!

To all of those that were here in February, we trust that you had a enjoyable stay with us.
May the magic of Djuma be with you all!

The Bush Lodge Family.