Andrew and I recently had the pleasure of taking a group of 16 ladies on a four day safari!

It was bound to be four days of fun,fun,fun having 16 ladies on safari with us at Bush Lodge. And we were right! It was an incredible bunch of woman mainly from America, but also ladies from Canada and Australia. So keen to learn all the workings of the bush, Andrew and I had our work cut out for us. All in all they were a very easy group to please with no strange requests but to just see all of it, from the big 5 to trees to grasses and stars.

During the four days they spent with us we saw so many lions it was as if we were on a lion farm! We worked out that we saw about 20 percent of the Sabi Sands lion population. With the Styx pride ever present at Bush Lodges Dam, 2 Mapogo males, 4 Nkuhuma females, and the Gejima boys!

White Rhino were also in full force as we saw crashes of up to seven Rhinos on our traversing. And who says the Sabi Sands have no rhino. In total we saw 12 different White Rhino over the four days.

With all the lion activity over the past few days Leopard were a bit scarce. Having seen four different individuals in the form of Nkarula,Luangwa,Kafue and Mafufunyane. All were quality sightings, seeing hunting behavior from both young and older Leopards and lots of olfactory behavior in the form of scent marking,flehman and scuffing.

A big bonus again were our group of four male Cheetah who were lying in the shade of a beautiful Umbrella Thorn Tree that we got on one of the morning drives.

The last night of their stay was truly awesome as we had Bush dinner under the stars with the two Mapogo male lions roaring into the night as the full moon shone down on us.

All together we had a magical Djuma time