The mornings are starting to become cooler, change is on the way.

7th of Feb had Karula hunting impala to the east of Vuyatela, still feeding those boys of hers. A breeding herd of Buff was seen drinking at tree house dam and a herd of elephants were located not too far away taking an afternoon drink at gowrie dam.
The 8th ushered in an appearance of the Styx pride seen on the western section of Gowrie. A lucky day as a lone lady cheetah was sighted at champagne pan on buffelshoek. The two grumpy male lions were also sighted on the same drive with two of the Huma lioness', hopefully we will see the rebirth of this pride once again. There were two rhino seen in the same area as the styx girls. Who spent the whole day sleeping where they were first fouond that morning. But as usual they later headed off to the south. The only additional sighting for that day was a large herd of buffalo, finally they have returned.
The morning of the 9th of Feb started off with a rhino bull seen up on the northern section of our area. Elephant herd had moved off to the central area and Karula was seen with her two boys close to the area she had been spotted hunting impala the day before.
In the afternoon karula was found at tree house dam taking a break from motherhood. Not to far off from her was a rhino and her calf enjoying an afternoon mud wallow.
The morning of the 10th started off with Luangwa and Kafue, were found messing around in the same area their mother had left them the day before. The buffalo herd had moved further into our area but were left moving east towards the KNP boundary. The morning finished off with four ele bulls munching down marula fruit on quarenteen. Karulas boys were once again found on the afternoon drive crashed up a jackal berry tree, with some more rhino sighted for good measure.
The 11th started with a huge bonus of 5 wild dogs, dogs that had been missed by the low life wildlife traders. Mafufunyane made a welcome appearance on western gowrie. Has been a while since he last popped round onto our turf. The same four ele's were still in the area throwing back maulas. With some buff bulls being seen enjoying a wallow up in the north.
In the afternoon the buffalo herd was back from theri stint in the KNP, drinking water at gren pan just off the KNP boundary, with a herd of ele's in the same area and a bull rhino just up the road. Karula had hooked up with Kafue and Luangwa and had moved them to buffelshoek dam area, where they spent the afternoon enjoying the hippo viewing from their vantage point.
The 12 of Feb began with two young bull rhino's having a slow and sleepy start to their day. The two grumpy boys from manyaleti and two ladies of the huma pride made another appearance in the north, when are they going to start wacking buffalo? The buffalo herd were again seen near their water source from the previous day. The afternoon began with a welcome sighting of the local four brother cheetah, heading up to the north. One has been missing for a while now. Amongst all o this there was a sighting of one of the local male rhino and a bull ele thrown in.
The morning of the 13th began with a crash of four rhino enjoying a mud bath. Later on one of the guys found Karula and her boys moving south away from Buffelshoek dam. The buffalo herd were still in attendance, moving down the clearings. Dont know what the marketing boys were up to but we had no guests till the afternoon of the 15th which greeted us with the breeding herd of buffalo having moved deeper into the property. A herd of eles gave a great spectacle once they were foound swimming in Buffelshoek dam. Karula was picked up still looking for her next meal to the south of Vuyatela.
Rain stopped play on the morning of the 16 but hte buff herd was still around for the afternoon entertainment. Everyone else was probably getting their hair done after the rain.
The 17th was a good morning as whitecloth and her cub were seen moving to the north, such a darling cat. The buff and the rhno's put in an appearance. In the afternoon the two huma girls were seen at gowrie dam, unsual as they don't come down to this area that often.
The 18th brought in Karula sleeping up a marula tree close to the lodge, great when she does things like this.
The Grumpy male lions from the north had obviously come down to collect their woman before the mapogo's ran off with them. Tehy spent the morning in the south nad were seen again in the afternoon heading north with their woman in tow. Karulas boys were seen to the south of vuyatela haning around waiting for mom to come and collect them for take aways.
The morning of the 19th blessed us with another sighting of whitecloth and her cub in the area of second rock. There was also an appearance of some old buff bulls, with the grumpy males from manyaleti having moved back to theior usual haunt up in the north. The two huma girls had managed to escpape their company and were found lying down resting a good few kilometers from them. The afternoon was spent mainly being entertained by karulas boys, who had moved closer towards thecamp that afternoon.
The area close to Vuyatelaseemed to be in full swing on the morning of the 20th, with malunda, beacon females mlae cub from 6 years back, making a long awaited appearance. Luangwa and Kafue were seen close to the lodge still waiting for their food. Like us were watching a breeding herd of ele's which were close by. The most beautiful leopard in the world was spotted in the afternoon, thandi, one of karulas girls from her last litter, with more rhino in the swing of things. The styx girls were seen near to bushlodge that same afternoon.
The styx ladies were again picked up on the morning of the 21st and Karula was seen close to vuyatela having a snooze. In the afternoon one of karulas boys was seen at gowrie dam. The kijima males were found in the northern section of the area. The breeding herd of ele's were back that day and a crash of 6 rhino was a great spectacle.
The 22nd brought more rhino sightings with karulas boys found messing around somehwere on western gowrie. The afternoon was petty much a mirror image of the morning with the same players milling about in similar areas to where they were found in the morining. Th 23rd the 2 kiima males were seen doing theri rounds at buffelshoek dam. One of karulas boys was hanign around the dam again. The afternoon began with great viewing of the four cheetah. Karula had hooked back up with her boys again. The rest of the afternoon broken up with more sightings of the ele herd and some rhino sightings.
The morning of the 24th saw karulas boys waiting for food being over as mom had whacked a duiker which she shared with them. One of the grumpy boys was spotted moving to the north. The rest of the day was inundated with pachyderm sightings at various loacations on the property.
The morning of the 25th began with more rhino sightings and karula back on the hunt after her boys demolishing their duiker kill. One of the grumpy male was seen mating one of the huma girls, must have lowered her standards. The breeding herd of ele's was still in the land which is always great. One buffalo bull being seen the whole day.
The 26th saw the styx girls back down in the area of bushlodge, with another great sightin of the ele herd.
That afternoon Malunda was seen on quarenteen again. The two girls from the huma pride were found on torchwood area sleeping not to far away from a breeding herd of ele's. There was an unexpected sighting of beacon's newest cubs up on buffelshoek. Pity we dont see more of them.
27th brought in a sightin of a crash of 9 rhino, the styx girls were back infront of bushlodge this time being joined by 2 of th mapogo's. They spent the whole day there. A crash of 6 rhino were seen drinking at buffelshoek dam.
28th was a geat start for us with another sighting of the four cheetah brothers who killed an impala only to loose it to one hyena. Karula was seenw ith one of her boys moving to the north. The 6 rhino were spotted again and the styx girls along with the mapogo boys hadn't moved far during the night and were found not a long way off from where they were the day before.
They must like it there as they were again found in the same area on the morning of the 1st of March, either that or just lazy. The buffalo herd was still cruising the area. with, with lions to the north of them and the south. Probably a good place to be. Over all a great months viewing. Stay tuned......