We had a great start to the morning, finding an ele bull chucking Marulaís down his gullet

Not to long after spending time watching the pachyderm satiate his desire for fruit, Texan had managed to find Karula, with her two boys in tow. My guests and I were still enjoying being with the elephant but decided to head over to join Tex with the leopards. Before we arrived at his location, Tex called me to let me know that a hyena was tagging along behind the leopards and one of the boys would stop and periodically chase the hyena, slapping him on a few occasions.
We joined the trio and saw the hyena but did not get to witness any interaction and after a short period the hyena went on his way.
Due to it being a cool overcast morning the boys had loads of energy and couldnít resist stalking and pouncing on each other.
I got a few shots of them buggering around. It was only when I got back home later in the day and was going through the photographs I had taken that I noticed in the one photo that Luangwa was missing a small portion from the end of his tail. This was a bit of a surprise to me as in previous occasions I have seen the boys slapping around hyena; it has usually been Kafue, dishing out the punishment. Clearly Luangwa takes part in slapping hyena around but doesnít seem to be as good as getting his butt out the way, when the hyena react with those powerful jaws of theirs. This slow reaction has cost him the tip of his tail and left him with his first blemish. Kafue still rules, any little boy who can dish out a bitch slapping to a hyena and be smart enough to get out the way of those rival jaws, is an admirable little man indeed.
.Notice the raw patch on tail end 1