We almost had more animal sightings for January than we did guests.

On the 14th the commonly seen group of old Buff Bulls were seen lounging around the chela pan area, with an ele bull seen hanging around in the vicintiy of tree house dam, and a couple of Rhino near Nyala Dam.
The 15th brought the styx ladies back into the picture, resting in the torch wood area, more rhino up on buffelshoek and karula was seen cruising to the west across quarenteen. Wonder if she has found a boyfriend yet?
It is always good to have the herds of ele's back, who left their mark up central road.
There was a lonely gap in the camp, with no guests, until the 18th, when good numbers of buffalo's were seen comming into the property from the south. The styx ladies had retiered to the dam at bush lodge. The main road still seems to be the unwritten boundary between them and the pride in the north. Good thing was the Ele's and the rhino are being seen on a regular basis, due to the great grazing keeping them in the area.
On the 19th we bore witness to the demise of another wildebeest at gowrie dam by the lost pride. I say lost as we know not where they come from and they know not where they are going. A leopard was seen up towards the gate but heading off our driving area. Hate it when they do that.
The 22nd karula and her two boys, still relying on mommy, were devouring another duiker, and the sticks were hanging around the main road again. With one of the new grumpy boys from manyaleti was seen procreating with one of the ladies from the huma pride. Doing their best to keep the lion population up on Djuma. The styx girls were still hangin around in the soouthern secton of our driving area.
The morning of the 23rd was a leopardless affair, thank goodness the manyaleti boys and the huma ladies were still going strong. With the usual scatterlings of rhino and buffalo to break up the morning. The afternoon was spent with karula who was on the move to the west, south of where the manyaleti males were still keeping their harem of sex slaves. With the grass in good supply we are greatfull not to have to search too hard for the buff, ele's and rhinos.
Karula had wacked yet another impala which she spent the morning munching on with her two boys, when are those cats going to grow up.
She supplied great viewing for the afternoon and was available for the next three drives after that. The one pair of mating lions had a rude interuption by some voyeuristic rhino.
The 25th was great with more lion sex and leopard sex with mvula mating with a new leopardess on the block . The 26 started withtwo leopard sighting and more good vieiwing opportunitiies of rhino and ele's.
The 27th began with odd pachyderm sighting and no cats but Karula and her boys were still available if any one wanted to see them. Some of us heading out there in the afternoon. Do I still need to mention the rhinos, buffalo and ele's?
On the 28th Karula had killed a wharthog which her boys were claiming their share of and a lioness was seen stalking wildebeest on the clearing close to the camp that afternoon. The same lioness was seen the next day close to the dam by vuyatela. Later that day she managed to kill an impala, with one of karula's boys watching from a safe distance away.
The 30th was broken up by the manyaleti boys still working hard at satisfying the huma ladies. One of karulas boys was seen wondering around to the south of the lodge. The end of the month closed with a sighting of white cloth and her cub, she is looking old the poor girl. Thandi one of karula's first litter was sen at twin dams. A great way to end the month as we don't see her that much anymore.
We hope to share more interesting things with you next month. So come and visit.