Where has January gone?

The start of 2010 has just flown by. A wonderful hot month and lots of promising rain.

The bush is lovely and green our pans are full and our guests happy. Animals of all shapes and sizes are seen on a daily basis both on game drives and in and around camp.

Cheetah were spotted regularly during the month and a honeymoon couple of leopards were spotted mating on Djuma Dam wall recently. So fingers, toes and every other part of your body crossed that we will have leopard cubs soon. They started mating about 8 days ago and as leopards have a gestation period of approximately 100 days if all goes well and she conceived the cubs should be born in May sometime.

Elephants have been seen a number of times drinking water from the small pan in front of Bush Lodge as well as one or two Dagger Boys ( old Buffalo Bulls).

As Greg mentioned in last months news letter that the dam wall had collapsed due to all the rain we have had, we closed the lodge from the 29 January and will reopen on the 7 February. During this time we brought in contractors and bulldozers and a number of other big machinery to rebuild not only the dam wall but a whole new dam. The progress is amazing and looking out from the swimming pool and upper decks it is going to be a real asset to Bush Lodge. When the dam is completed all be hope for is a few days of good rain to fill it up and then we can send out some invitations to the local Hippoís and crocís to come and test it out for us. Will keep you up to date in Februaryís News letter.

While the lodge was closed we invited Lyson and the children from the local villages back to Bush Lodge and not for a drive this time but to join Abel and Terrance on a Bush Walk. 15 children joined in the fun and learnt about plants and tracks. They were suppose to only go out for about 45mins, so when they hadnít returned after an hour and a half, Anet our Manageress went out to look for them. She found them on Cheetah plains having so much fun and learning so much that they had lost track of time. We hope that we can offer more of these educational outings to our local children in the near future to make them and everyone else aware of the importance and impact the fauna and flora have on our everyday lives. Thanks Lyson for lending a helping and caring hand!

We would like to congratulate some of our recent guests, Richard and Philippa, on there engagement. Also to William Willis a very happy Birthday to you for the 29th. Congratulations Louis and Annette who spent there 40th wedding Anniversary here at Bush Lodge. We wish you all a wonderful year ahead.

A welcome Back to Tor and Brit who once again visited Bush Lodge.

Happy Birthday to our staff Evaline, Pechy, Annah, Constance, Joyce, and Kim who all celebrated there Birthdays in January. We hope you had a lovely day and look forward to working together through the rest of 2010.

Iím sure February is going to be a jam packed month so until then Keep well and look forward to bring you some exciting updates in Februarys News Letter.

Warm African Regards
The Bush Lodge Family