Can anyone believe it, it is 2010!

The 2010 start at Vuyatela
Happy New Year to everyone my new year is full of joy and happiness for everyone!!

A sundowner to rember on New Year’s Eve.
Delicious cocktails, mouth watering finger snacks, a bon fire, Shangaan dancers and lovely guests with staff having a sundowner in a dry river. Not a better way to start a new year!
They had a great time preparing for all the guests a new years party in the river bed. Shangaan dancers, delightful snacks and don’t forget the beverages. The ladies prepared two different cocktails:
One was similar than a Caipirinha with lots of cane and sugar, other was a fruit cocktail with a huge kick to it after two glasses.
Lodrick and Ringetani Traditional dance group arrived around 18h00. From young to adults were putting on there tradional clothing (impala skins and so on) and warming up there drums and voices around the fire. While on drive like normally we stop for a sundowner stop this is going to be a massive sundowner stop. Bush Lodge, Galago and other land owners joined us. Guests were dancing staff were dancing and no one left until all drinks and food were finished.
The evening we had a lovely dinner and we stayed up till the New Year.

January was a rather hot month. We had some hot days and around 86mm of rain. In total we had so far 329mm. In average we generally get between 400-500mm of rain. We can’t complain, there is still some time left for more rain. Dams are full, grass is nice and green and the Marula tree’s fruit is starting to fall.

Generally around the camp you will find Graham’s troop of baboons early in the mornings walking around and eating Marula fruits. Before guests come back from drive they are gone and feeding at other places. They come back in the evenings and sleep around the camp or at Jurie and Pippa’s house. When you see them around it is so nice to see how Impala’s and Wildebeest interact around the Baboons.

Karula and the 2 sub adult boys are still hanging around the camp. There was hardly a day that we didn’t see either one of them. Early in the mornings the Vervet monkeys will let us know if they spot them. The fact they see them with the grass that is so tall is just remarkable. Karula the one day killed an Impala not far from the lodge, just in front, so we could see everything happening. Karula killed an Impala and then one of the boys came and took the kill from her. This is good news, they are starting to stand there ground and is showing they are nearly ready to go on there own.
The same day or evening the Styx pride killed a Wildebeest cow just behind Gowrie Dam wall (the Vuyatela dam). We had 2 kills in 500m apart and now Djuma vehicles out. Can you believe it? We couldn’t share that.

One morning around 08h00 the monkeys called again around the camp. My first impression was that it is the Leopards again. Can a person be so wrong… Started looking around and went to the bar area and spotted a Lion. From a distance it looked like a male but when a game drive vehicle came back to the camp found it is a Lioness (Kahuma pride). She left the pride for the day and spent some time with us at Vuyatela. Not knowing in the morning she made a kill and hided it under a tree not far from where she is lying. Handry and Ephraim came back from drive but first went and past her. While they are looking at her you won’t believe what or who comes walking down the road…….. Here comes Karula. Not knowing in the beginning what is happening she is just walking. Meters later she realised and crawled with her tale between her legs past and jumped into the closet tree that she can find. In the one side you had a Leopard and the other a Lioness with a kill.

We had the honour to spent with Janit Donaldson her 40th birthday here at Vuyatela.
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Busbee, Mr. & Mrs. Grewall and Mr. & Mrs. Jurgens on tying the knot and spending there honeymoon here at Vuyatela.

Something that took everyone by surprise and I am sure also Inge Stapelberg. Chris asked Inge if she will marry him. Luckily for him she said yes. Congratulations and see you here on your honeymoon. Something Graham will say” Chris, at least you have some taste, don’t know about her”.

What a lot of birthdays this month, Douglas, Pippa, Lidia, Gladys, Lucas, Mildred Morale, Marietjie and Joyce Nyathi. Congratulations to you all and have a lovely year.

From all at Vuyatela until February.