It seems as though world cup fever has hit the bush.

While working at home the local troop of baboons, which live at Vuyatela and I have been filming and following for the past year and a bit, popped into our garden, as they often do on their foraging expeditions.
I and the troop have grown to trust each other over the years and I can now proudly state that I am the lowest ranking member of the troop.
Any how the troop moved in to the garden and did the run of the mill, drinking from the dogs plunge pool and moved onto investigate a new roof I had put on over my work area, outside. After milling around and poking his nose where ever he wanted, Gaudy, a youngster from 18 moths ago, and one of my favorites. After staring at me for a couple of minutes he ran over scattering the new babes as he went and started playing with our dogs soccer ball.
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I am still working on the rules with him as he doesnít seem to get that it is a team sport and you are not aloud to run with the ball in your mouth. He did seem to know to run down the wing and he was now the center, of attraction, that is.
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After promptly escaping his would be ball thieves he jumped over the fence and sat in a tree proudly holding his ball in his mouth.
Once he dropped it I retrieved the ball back into the field of play.
We will see how the second half goes when ever that happenes. Gaudy did, however play better than some of the Bafana Bafana players.