Over the years I have noticed that quite a number of guests and rangers show an instinctive fascination with bones, especially skulls, lying around the bush.

I have been coleecting skulls for the last 15 years, as I find them to be fascinating structures, with an equally fascinating historical backdrop. I have had many guest who share this fascination and have spent many interesting hours piecing together the skeletons of elephant or giraffe that have died or been killed.
I have begun producing replica skulls which are available for sale to guests and any interested party. I have begun with a leopard skull made from two different subtances. One is a cast of the carnium alone, the second substrate more suitable for the entire skull, ie carnium + mandible.

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Soon to be added to the collection will be the skulls of a caracal, a small crocodile, a one third life size cast of a leopard skull, lions canine keyring, Leopard canine keyring and a skull of a 4m man eater crocodile.
Should any one be interested in buying any of the above mentioned skulls please feel free to get in touch with me on cooke@djuma.co.za