We have been home less than a week after a wonderful 3 night stay at Vuyatela. Thank you to everyone who made our stay so special. The room was awesome, with Brian & Mia spending the better part of very hot days in the pool overlooking the dam. The setting is nothing short of spectacular, especially at around 4:50am when the sun started to show it's colours, which ranged from orange to pink, reflecting in the water...

The drives were great & we saw everything...thanks Douglas for having a 'surprise' drink waiting for us after every PM drive. I drank some things that I didn't think you would never be able to mix together.

I need to say a special thank you to our ranger;

Texon...you have no idea how we appreciated you extending your hand in friendship towards Mia. You are a very kind, gentle soul & we thank you for taking the time to teach her while she sat in front with you, also for joking around with her - she loved that! I know most of the time she just looked at you & smiled or laughed...but trust me, she was taking everything in. Her time spent there, she will remember forever. The tears she shed when we left, took a while to dry. She very quickly becomes fond of people & places that are good to her. It is testament to the great time she had, that we all had! From us, thank you for showing us around your 'home'...for your knowledge of the animals & their way of life. Also for showing us the smaller aspects.

I took over 1000 photo's at Vuyatela...so please be patient while I sort through them. As soon as I am done I will download them onto the blog...it shouldn't be too long!!

Thanks once again to all of you..

Kind Regards
Drew, Brian & Mia