It started out as a very hot and dry day here in the bush. Planning and getting things together for our Traditional News Eve Sundowners. The day could not go by fast enough, as everyone was in very high spirits. 16:30 eventually came and the guests all went out on game drive so both Bush lodge and Vuy's started packing our vehicles piled with wood, lanterns, snacks and Cocktails...

Off we went to a near by dry river bed, where we set up tables for the snacks and cocktails and built a lovely bonfire. At 18:30 all our guests arrived from all 3 camps as well as our private land owners to a pre New Years Sundowners.

As everyone was settling in to cocktails and watching a full moon rise, which was also a blue moon, the sounds of drums came rolling in from nearby bushes. We treated the guests to traditional dancers from our Local Village and music which was a huge hit. Joined in by guests and staff everyone attempted to throw there legs in the air, some better then others I might add, and follow the lead from the professional dancers.

It was a huge success and a wonderful start to 2010.

To all our guests who were privileged enough to be with us on this special evening and to those who didn't manage to watch it on Wild Earth, Family and Friends in Far places we would like to wish you a very happy 2010 and who knows you might be joining in the fun next New Years!!