We had a very hot day on the 24th but cooled down to a perfect Christmas eve dinner.

Our Christmas Eve Dinner at Vuyatela

Below you will see what we had for dinner. We were in total 26 people sitting for Dinner on the 24th December 2009. There were 15 guests in camp and 9 staff with partners having all supper together. Graham, Char and Akona (their Godchild), Paul Gibbons (Grahamís best friend), Pinky, Marietjie, Texon, Handry, Rhandzu, Patience and Bongani (Patience Husband) who was joining us for dinner.

I ask the guides to stay out a little bid longer this evening so we can get the camp ready. Marietjie, Pinky, Patience and Rhandzu decorated the buffet, the deck and set up a champagne table. The guest came back around 20h00. When they all arrived the lodge were highlighted with Christmas lights and beautiful candles marking the way to the main area.

Everyone was having a lovely chat around the bar. At the back ground there were these soft children voices coming from a distance. In the beginning just few picked up the singing but when the kids came around the corner with there parents singing Christmas carrels. They sang and danced for us for about an hour. After that we sat down and had dinner. After dinner all the guests were tired because we started late with dinner. Donít forget the early wake up. (05h00) at 05h00 am all guests were woken up for game drive. Everyone came up for tea and coffee and made there way to the vehicles. On the vehicle there was for each person a red Christmas hat with lights that flickers to wear for game drive. Everyone fitted theirs and we had to take some photos and then they were off to game drive.

Happy Holidays to all. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy 2010!!!!

Image Title Image Title Image Title Image Title Image Title Image Title Image Title Image Title Image Title Image Title Handry and Lots Texon and Amos Staff at Dinner

This was our Menu for the evening
Chilled Prawn and Avocado Soup
Served with Garlic Melba Toast


Christmas Chestnut Salad


Traditional Stuffed Turkey
With Cranberry Jelly and Delectable Gravy

Succulent Cold Smoked Fruit Glazed Gammon
Accompanied with Apple Sauce


Juicy Roast Beef Rump
Served with Horseradish and Blue Cheese Sauce


Home Style Roasted Potatoes and Yellow rice
Rosemary Roasted Butternut
Sautťed Green Beans with Crispy Bacon and Onion
Steamed Brusselsprouts Served in a Cheese and Pepper Sauce


Brandy Laced Christmas Panettone
Served with Ice Cream and Cherries


Cheese and Preserve Platter
With Savoury Biscuits and Crackers