Greg and Abel taking the group on drive on 11/12/09.

We picked the kids up in Utah and made our way to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve through Gowrie Gate. We started the drive by sitting at a waterhole and watching some birds. We saw Knobbilled or Combduck as it is now known as, White Faced Whisteling Ducks, Little Egret, Egyptian Goose and Red Billed Buffalo Weavers. Then we moved into a nice open area to talk about some trees, when all of a sudden some Red Billed Oxpeckers flew into a thicket. I knew what was about to happen and said to my group "keep your eyes peeled, we might see some Buffalo". My words werent even cold yet and out of the thicket strolled 5 Buffalo bulls! I taught the kids how to interprate nature as it happens around you and in this case the Oxpeckers lead us to the Buffalo. Further down the road we came across a female leopard track, so I said to my group that we would drive the area and hope to find her. We searched the area but no luck! I knew the area that the Leopard usually patrols so decided to try another area. We saw a herd of Impala that were looking a bit on the edge, so I switched the vehicle off and listened to the other bush sounds. Nothing! Then in some thick grass 20 metres from the Impala I spot Karula the female Leopard. "She's busy hunting guys" I say to the group. I call Abel and his team to our location and we watch in anticipation as she stalks the Impala.Then in a blur of fur she pulls an Impala down right infront of us.She takes her kill down into a drainage line and we re-position the vehicles. I tell our bush students that we wouldn't have seen the kill if we had gone crashing through the bush after the Leopard. We kept our distance and made sure not to inflict too much disturbance in the area and we were rewarded. After all the hype of the kill we settle down at a dam to have some juice and sandwhiches. Lyson teaches us how to make fire. Its facinating that you can use Elephant dung,a few sticks and a piece of string to make fire. Abel and I are amazed at Lysons enthusiasm with the kids and his passion for spreading his knowledge of Wildlife to those willing to learn. Abel and I felt really good about sharing our knowledge of the natural environment to the kids. We covered subjects such as Trees, Plants, Birds, Mammals and most important of all respect for the animals and the habitat they live in.