This is our happenings for November

1st to 30 November 2009,
These are the activities and things that happened at Vuyatela that we want to share with all of our readers.

I see lots of people were holding thumbs for us to get some rain. We had lovely showers of rain this month. All in all 165mm. The bush is looking lovely. Everything is looking so green and alive.

With all the rain it has made the game viewing very interesting. Even if it rain the guests put on there ponchos and went out. Still got wet but with all the sightings it was worth getting wet. This month has been a quite month with Lions. We have been seeing Lions but not as regularly as we used to be. In the replacement of the lions we have seen the Wild Dog pack of 24. We have been seeing them regularly. After the rains we have been ambushed by Elephants. There was on one afternoon drive where every couple of corners we bumped in to a different heard of Elephants. From very young calves about 2-4 months old to fully grown cows. It was so beautiful to see the interaction with the young ones. They were playing in the mud and just having the most fun.

We went on a staff drive, Warren, Marietjie, Pinky, Rhandzu and Patience. On the drive it was amazing. Not far from the lodge we bumped in to a heard of Elephants and we just sat and looked at them. Moments later out of the bush a giraffe appeared and then one more and one more, until there were 13 of them. That was so nice to see Elephants around us and behind them Giraffe. From there we headed. We then bumped in to another heard of Elephants. There was this bull that was busy feeding and looked at us and then slowly approached us. Eventually he stopped in front of the vehicle and touched the tracker seat with his tusks. He retreated half a step. I think he didn’t realise how close he was to the vehicle. He stood there and just had a smell and turned his head so he can stare at us with one eye. In the car you don’t here any movement or heart beats. Eventually he turned around and went on with feeding. We then left from there with a heart beat like a Ferrari. We then found 3 Rhinos not to far from the camp and followed them for a while. As it was getting dark we could here some bushes breaking and then we thought “please no more ellies”. Luckily not, it was a breeding heard of Buffalo’s. They were heading towards the Rhino’s. The Buffalo’s just walked around the Rhino’s and the Rhino’s just looked at them as if what are they thinking. Close to the camp we bumped into a leopard cub. Not sure who he was. He was trying to hunt on the open clearing close the staff houses. We followed but eventually left him so he can do his own thing. We headed back to the camp.

Generally around the camp it has been a busy month around our dam. From Elephants, Hippo’s, Impala’s, Zebra’s, Waterbucks, Baboons, Buffalo’s and Leopard were seen often coming to drink water at the dam.

We want to congratulate the following couples for getting married in November and spending there Honeymoon with us, Mr and Mrs Hoffmann, Mr and Mrs Shah.

We also had returned guests that were with us 3 years back. Mr and Mrs Allworthy and Mr and Mrs Sorhagen.

Congratulations to Handry, Agnes and Irel for there birthdays in November.

Message to Char. For those who don’t know who she is, she is our MOM here at Djuma. We want to say we are very relieved that the operations went well and have a speedy recovery!

From all of us at Vuyatela see you next month.