These are the comments from Guest that stayed at Galago Camp

The Manas, Rombouts and Groot Family:
Had a wonderful 4 days, great sightings, as well as a very special place. Ranger and tacker both very knowledgeable and efficient.

Leon Marais – Lawsons Tours:
What a great experience, as usual, great game viewing, superb food and staff.
Thanks to all at Galago.

Judy Scott:
Aubrey and William great trackers and spotters!!!
Staff at the lodge is very efficient.
Very pleasant stay would like to return.

Chris and Mick:
It is a brilliant place, with superb staff. All staff is very attentive.
Thanks to all.

Guthrie Family:

Day1: a pack of Wild dogs

Day2: Cheetah

Day3: Foam nesting Frogs and Elephants

Day4: 5 Leopards

As well as 120 species of birds and very interesting reptiles and mammals.

Lex was as usual, superb!

A” Lifer” the whole weekend
Tearing down vertically, down into the treacherous donga below, in hot pursuit of a mommy leopard with 2 cubs – getting out the donga was equally exhilarating.