1st to 31 October 2009,
These are the activities and things that happened at Vuyatela that we want to share with all of our readers.

Let’s start with the weather and work ourselves to the interesting things. In the beginning of the month you could feel that winter has passed and summer is coming on strong. It started to become hot during the days but cooled of nicely in the evenings. The trees started to show life by getting green leaves. Morning glory’s (flower) is you started to see in the mornings on drive. There was a day that we were fortunate to have 4mm of rain. That day our neighbours to our west Leopard Hills got a very big hale storm and did a rather big damage to there garden. Lucky us we didn’t get that just the little bit of rain. The rest of the month to the latter end became very hot that we measured in the shade the one day 38°C. Imagine how it must have been in the sun. Time to put on the sunscreen lotion.

Our very popular Gowrie watering hole in front of the lodge has been the spot to watch. Some days it was better sitting on the deck watching the watering hole than going on game drive. Breeding herds of elephants were playing and swimming like it was there last. Our resident hippo family with there young has been just looking at all the wannebee hippos. The “dagga” boys (old buffalo bulls) have been visiting daily the hole and just lying in the water to cool off. Kurula and her 2 cubs has been visiting us a lot and seen during the day drinking water and visited the camp one night while we are all having dinner. They went to room 2 and decided they had enough of roughing it out in the bush and wanted to check in to the room. Lucky for us the doors were closed so they couldn’t enter but still tried to paw there way in. For last couple of months there has been a new guest a large spotted genet that moved in under the deck of the lounge at the main area of the lodge. Every night she comes up to the deck and waits for someone to give her something to eat. One evening we herd little mowing noises like a kitten above the bar… We couldn’t believe our eyes she gave birth to 2 lovely kittens. If you sit at the bar and listen closely you can hear them now and then calling for there mom. Breeding herds of elephants were also having a great time at the dam. The one day a breeding herd of elephants were drinking on the one side and felt that if they walk through the dam it will be easier than walking around. With this herd they had 2 young calves. The one must have been around 6 years and the other must have been 1 year old. When they crossed the dam you couldn’t see the youngster but just his trunk servicing for air like a submarines scope.
On the 28th we were so fortunate to have 24 wild dogs. 12 adults and 12 pups. The pups were around 6 months old. They came to drink at the dam and Graham and Warren followed them for a while until they settled and rested not to far from the lodge.

We just wanted to say congratulations to the following couple for tying the knot,
Mr. & Mrs. Swinand and hope you have a joyful life together.
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Gardener on your 10th wedding anniversary and hope there is still lot more to come.

Lots, Million and Rhanzu – congratulations on your birthdays.

Maybe next letter I can talk about how beautiful green and lush it is from all the rain. (Holding thumbs)

From all of us at Vuyatela.